Property Ambition Intensive

An intensive one day programme to really kick-start your property journey for £1,250

What does the day include?

If you don’t know how to raise private finance you will always be limited by your own resources. This intensive day will give you clarity and focus to help you achieve outstanding results.

  • Focus on your PURPOSE

You need to understand your reason why? This will keep you motivated when things are challenging. Property is full of challenges, how you respond to them will determine your success. Give yourself the best chance.

  • Property is a PEOPLE business, starting with you! Really get to understand why you are special and how that can be of benefit for others. How can you create value for them? What have you got that they need? What have they got that you need? We use Talent Dynamics to help facilitate this process as part of this programme.
  • What kind of PROJECT is right for you? Why is right? What determines the success of projects like this? What are the risk factors associated with this? How can you manage this risk? What are your exit strategies? How can you demonstrate this? Does it deliver on your longer term goals and aspirations? We also look at location.
  • Understanding the different ways you can borrow and what PAPERWORK is required. Also looking at appropriate legislation and restrictions. Understand what the differences are and why you would choose one way of looking at it over another. How scalable is it?
  • Once you have investors and a power team on board how are you going to look after them? The PR aspect ensures that you nurture those who are supporting you in the best way. How do you keep them updated? What should you update them with? Understanding the importance of those relationships. What impact do they have on your overall plans? Understanding investors prime objectives.

After this day you will have the knowledge and confidence to start attracting the right people in to your property business to help support you achieve your goals.

You will have a clear sense of purpose and the self-belief to make it happen.

These sessions are one to one and we focus 100% on you for the day. We take a break for lunch locally to keep everyone fresh and engaged. They are all based in my office in Corsham – 23, Leafield Way, Corsham SN13 9RS


Contact Tim now to book your place phone 07792 707334 or via email


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