Property Ambition Accelerator

I offer Mentoring & Coaching to property investors who are stuck on their property journey.

You might already be a high achiever or starting out and looking for direction. You lack focus and direction and are unsure of the next steps you need to take.

I will help you gain clarity and a sense of purpose, with clear direction to enable you to accelerate your progress much faster than working on your own.

Imagine if you could secure all the funding you need for projects that work for you?

The key areas you will develop are:

  • Working with private finance. All serious property investors will run out of their own money at some point. Understanding how to work with those who have cash will allow you to do more better deals. This will increase your wealth faster and more professionally.
  • A true sense of your Purpose. Why you want to do property? What it is about property investment that appeals to you and identifying your most appropriate strategy.
  • The importance of people in property investment and the role you play in that.
  • Why building a brand is vital to your success and how to do this.
  • The options available to you to for your success.
  • Why goal setting doesn’t always work. Why goal setting is flawed?
  • The impact focus has on your results and speed of achievement. Understanding your Reticular Activating System.
  • Why perseverance and momentum are key.

We’ll use a number of tools to help with this including a very powerful profiling platform called Contribution Compass which will help you build the most effective team around you of people that can support you.

What I am Looking For

Property Investors who have some experience but feel they aren’t making the progress that they want.

People who have started but don’t know where it is leading them and they feel overwhelm and frustration.

People who are demotivated.

People who’s beliefs are holding them back, adding to their frustration.

From my experience when people come in to a room for a day they go away highly motivated but don’t necessarily implement.

It is also unrealistic to expect lasting change with just a single session

My clients get best results when we work together, weekly, over 6 months.

We work to change patterns and belief systems.

We will agree on regular homework and milestones.

My other clients invest £1,200 per month payable each month in advance

We’ll define the goals you really want to achieve?

We will create lasting change.

Based on what you have told me we can practice, implement and test processes – we can run as fast as you like, I’ll hold your hand all the way.

Would it be good to optimise your time that you can do this?

We’ll have regular weekly 40 minute calls scheduled at a set time each week.

These will cover the six key elements of working with private investors. How you can use skills and experience you already have to best effect. We’ll identify and build your brand. We’ll boost your confidence. You’ll get a great sense of purpose. We’ll set homework as necessary to keep you making the best progress.

We need to respect each other’s time as part of this is your optimum time management. You want to invest as much time as possible on income producing activities. There is also as much communication via phone and email in between the coaching calls as we need.

Whilst the main focus will be on raising finance, the process we use will help you in all areas of your life, both business and pleasure, helping you get better balance and improve areas such as health and wellbeing alongside the business development.

The key to this is establishing your purpose, around which we can build a stronger more effective version of you.

To discuss this with Tim please book a call – he’s very happy to answer any questions

If you are ready to go ahead you can book and pay by credit or debit card here. You will be billed £1,200 per month for 6 months. Pay Here

Or alternatively if you would prefer to pay by Direct Debit you can Pay Here. Again this is 6 monthly payments, each of £1,200