What difference does having a property mentor make?

I have just come off the phone to Charlotte Gumbs, who is one of my clients. We have a monthly meeting & a weekly accountability call to keep her on track and to answer any questions that may have arisen during the preceding week. Her progress is amazing and it prompted me to share some of her story.

When Charlotte came to me she already had a couple of Buy To Let properties. Her challenge was how to step her game up. Alongside her passion for property, Charlotte also has a great reason why; to make a difference to some of the most vulnerable in our society. This includes those who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless and/or are desperately in need of housing. She also spends her weekends at a Children’s Hospital in London.

With these two elements combined she was well placed to take action and achieve results. The challenge was (and still is) actually making this vision happen. She had no real clarity of what type of property she needed or whether the numbers would even stack up. With this in mind, I helped her focus very clearly on what she wanted and not on what others were doing. Making herself the central focus point.

By gaining this clarity and sharing her story with others she has made massive progress very quickly. The frustration she was expressing even as recently as a couple of months ago has now gone and there is a true belief that she can and will achieve her purpose. What is more by sharing her story and telling others very clearly what she wants, she is now finding that people are coming to her with solutions and investment.

How is this possible? She has listened intently to me, her mentor, and taken massive action. We reflected on what she had done today and the answer was that she had the support to help steer her in the direction she wanted to go. To share her challenges and to reach a solution.

Charlotte is truly fired up and ready for action and is an inspiration to others in the fantastic progress she has made. Charlotte commented “It’s sometimes difficult to appreciate the actual progress made when you are in it daily. The truth is that I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am most certainly well on the journey – the trick is to just keep going with purpose and intent and to have fun along the way!”

How would you benefit from having a mentor to boost you? What difference would you like to see? How quickly do you want to make a difference. Be inspired by Charlotte and see the value that having your own mentor can bring to your life. Take the next step. Contact Tim now tim@propertyfinance.coach 07792 707334


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