The Jigsaw Puzzle

Over the Christmas break I did my customary jigsaw puzzle. It showed me the value of focusing on a particular thing in order to achieve a result.

With a 1,000 pieces to choose from at the start, how do you make that choice? You select the pieces that are easiest to get started with, the corners and edges. Then you start by seeing if there are any colours or shapes that stand out and focus on that. Slowly the whole puzzle comes together by focusing on one piece at a time.

If you┬ájust look randomly at the 1,000 pieces it’s easy to see how you could become overwhelmed. There is too much information there for the brain to take in.

what are you focusing on?
The Jigsaw Puzzle in the box

I see this in action so often with clients. There is no clarity or focus on anything specific. Their mind has 1,000 pieces all shouting at them, each screaming to be heard. Is it any wonder they feel frustrated and confused?

By shutting out distractions and being super clear what you want it is so much easier to find and make progress.

What can you focus on one piece at a time that would allow you to live your dream?

Take your next step!

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