Michelle talks to Jamie Oarton from Jimeny Ltd about his experience of working with Tim. How has he benefited? Watch to find out more…

In this interview Michelle talks to David & Beverley Lockett of Red Door Homes about what it’s like to work with me. Some great insights in this video.

I invited Michelle Cairns to interview some of my clients to establish just exactly what it was like to work with me and the benefits that they derived from this association. Some of the responses were surprising! In this interview Michelle talks with Karen Meadows. To find out more about working with Tim you can email tim@propertyfinance.coach or visit www.propertyambition.co.uk


New Testimonial in from Heather-Grace Ebanks from the US

Hi Tim, my hope is that everyone who received this post, will take advantage of your offer. I cannot believe the life-changing transformation that has taken place in my life in just 1 month of working with you! There are so many Coaches out there, BUT you my friend, with your wealth of knowledge, have such a pure heart and a humble spirit. I look forward to our weekly meetings because you not only impart wisdom and give direction, but connect on such a deep human level…something that is missing today. Thanks so very much, and I cannot wait to see the unfolding of my life in the coming weeks! You are truly a gem!!!

Thank you Heather, this was described by one of my coaches as one of  the BEST testimonials he had ever read!

I must be doing something right as the Testimonials keep coming in! This from successful property investor Dorian Payne

“I read and studied Tim Matcham’s book, How to Attract Armchair Investors for Property. Prior to reading the book I was building a property portfolio and business the old fashion way, saving, investing, refinancing and repeating.

I was limiting myself to only 1 or 2 deals at a time.

After studying the book and using the principles within, my whole property investment journey changed. I could not believe how simple it was to raise finance from investors.

To date I have raised just over £1Million in private investment for projects. I have funded 12 different projects within the past 8 months and the best bit about it all ? 9/10 of the times I don’t even have to ask for the money”.

– Dorian Payne

Wow – another awesome Testimonial in today from Steve Jackson, one of my mentoring clients

“I know Tim from my time living in Germany and attending MM20. I met him at Swindon PIN, in 2015. Although we had little contact in the mean time, when I returned to the UK last year, I sought Tim out, as I needed mentoring in the black art of private financing. In the past year, though, Tim’s mentoring has gone way way beyond anything I could ever have expected and has covered everything, including mind-set, advertising, overcoming challenges and blockers. Tim’s mentoring and support has been the single most valuable investment I have made, and without his endless support, I shudder to think where Carol and I would be. Tim has so much to offer and contribute, and any way that he might contribute to your property journey will undoubtedly be extremely positive.” Thank you Steve for those kind words and of course delighted to have been so much help and support on your journey. 

Another brilliant testimonial in from Geoff Langan & Jon Hulatt. It was a great pleasure to work with you and delighted to hear just how inspired you have been by our time together. The clarity and purpose you now have is in clear evidence. Well done and I look forward to following their success.

Huge thanks to David, Beverley & William Lockett for this great testimonial. David & Beverley Lockett are already hugely successful property investors. They finished in the Top 5 Performers of Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind programme. When their son William joined them there was a challenge to overcome about how best to work together and share their vision both to investors and tenants. Watch their story as they share their story and how Tim Matcham helped them massively accelerate their journey.

From Cristian Garcia regarding my book which is available on Audible

“Simply AMAZING! Really, really Amazing. Your book has just had so much impact that I now better understand what a successful mentality is. I really must thank you! You’ll never truly understand what you’ve just done for me.

Buy my book on Audible here

Great video Testimonial from Dan Brown who is making excellent progress working with Tim. Watch this short video to hear from Dan just exactly what he has gained from this.

Video Interview with Samuel Leeds

Well on the way to raising the Finance I need for several projects

Tim really helped and supported me in structuring a formula for raising finance to continue building my property portfolio. It was something I had never done before and I was a bit daunted about how to start and go about it.
He gave me great advice about how to approach different types of investors. He also showed me how to make sure I had everything in place to be able to answer the different questions investors may ask and also be able to re assure them that their money was safe with a competent and trustworthy person/company.
As a result I have had success in approaching and talking to several investors and am well on the way to raising the finance I need for several projects I am involved in.
Tim is very approachable and easy to talk to. He gave me the confidence I needed to go out of my comfort zone and helped me to see the value in what I had to offer to potential investors.
I would recommend Tim to anyone who may be finding certain aspects of finding investor finance challenging. He has a proven track record and a system that works!

Niki Breeze, Noah’s Ark Property Ltd

Truly Excellent, Highly recommended (5*)

Tim’s coaching is truly excellent, he has really helped me focus on what’s important in my business. I’d say he’s probably saved me 8 months worth of misdirected effort. His calm and considered style of coaching, coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience, is perfect for teasing the correct and most appropriate course of action out of you. He has certainly guided me away from the mass of detail and refocused my attention towards the end state. Even after a few sessions I have regained my focus and have a sound plan of action to achieve my goals. Highly recommended.

Grantley Clapham, Peppermint Property Ltd

Helped clarify issues and move us forwards (5*)

Tim was very helpful on transition of our business when we were in overwhelm . He helped us prioritise, focus and communicate better, and seemed to have an army of helpful tools and techniques at his finger tips. A lovely calm and measured approach helped clarify issues and move us forwards.

John & Bronwen Vearncombe, Palgrave Property Ltd

“Working with Tim has been an amazing experience.  Tim took the time to get to know me, understand what I wanted to achieve and where I was at the moment.  His calm and relaxed manner combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience meant he was able to guide me to focus on exactly what I needed to be doing at this early stage of my property journey.  I now feel as though I am ready and in a very strong position to move forward – I think it would have taken another couple of months to get to this place without Tim’s influence.  Thank you.”

Richie Miller, Gerisa Group

Excellent Book (How To Attract Armchair Investors for Property)

Just wanted to say I finished your book recently and I thought it was very good. I found it very easy to read, refreshingly frank and extremely thought provoking.

Dan Brown