In Darkness We Shine Brightest

A few years ago I was in a very dark place. For reasons that I didn’t understand at the time, nothing seemed to be working for me.

That has all changed now.

At the time I was heavily reliant on other people for my happiness and success.

Guess what?

They never delivered!

The thing is, they won’t. Ever.

I was doomed to a vicious downward spiral. A self-fulfilling prophecy that was only ever going to have one outcome.

People talk about the fact that there is always a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. That glimmer of hope that one day everything will be ok.

Well for me at that time there was no light. No glimmer of hope and things felt pretty desperate.

Then I had my moment of realisation, or as my friend Derek Mills would say, my 10 Second Moment. I had a visit from my Guardian Angel with a message from God.

“This is your opportunity TO BE THE LIGHT”

We have a magnet on our fridge door at home. “In Darkness We Shine Brightness”. We picked it up at Ground Zero in New York back in 2011 when I was running the New York Marathon. Even if I was only a small light I could shine brightly. I could be the light for others who were in a dark pace too.

In darkness we shine BRIGHTEST
9/11 Memorial, New York

This was a pretty amazing epiphany! All I had to do was BE THE LIGHT.

I took this message from the Universe and acted upon it immediately. The results came straight away, and have been amazing. I am now in control of my own life and destiny. I am not reliant on others for my success and happiness.

So when you feel like you are in a dark place and nothing is working out for you, take comfort. You too can ‘be the light’ and I can show you the way.

If you are ready to transform or you know someone who would benefit then do get in touch.

Tim Matcham

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