I’d love to help more people like this!

It’s not every day we get great feedback from our clients. So when it does come it is special. I’m lucky in that I get plenty of recommendations like this and it is heart warming when I see the difference I have made in people’s lives.

This came in today from a long term client, Steve Jackson. Although he came to me initially with the challenge of finding Investment Finance you can see from his words that he has gained far more than this.

“I know Tim from my time living in Germany and attending MM20. I met him at Swindon PIN, in 2015. Although we had little contact in the mean time, when I returned to the UK last year, I sought Tim out, as I needed mentoring in the black art of private financing.

In the past year, though, Tim’s mentoring has gone way way beyond anything I could ever have expected and has covered everything, including mind-set, advertising, overcoming challenges and blockers.

Tim’s mentoring and support has been the single most valuable investment I have made, and without his endless support, I shudder to think where Carol and I would be.

Tim has so much to offer and contribute, and any way that he might contribute to your property journey will undoubtedly be extremely positive.”

Thank you Steve for those kind words and of course delighted to have been so much help and support on your journey.

Who do you know who would benefit from my support?

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