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Is your lack of finance holding you back from investing in property? What would you do if you had access to unlimited funds? How much faster could you achieve your desired outcome? What would you do if you achieved your goals? Would you take more holidays, take part in a worthwhile activity, help others, the choice is yours!

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“Tim really helped and supported me in structuring a formula for raising finance to continue building my property portfolio. It was something I had never done before and I was a bit daunted about how to start and go about it”

“As a result I have had success in approaching and talking to several investors and am well on the way to raising the finance I need for several projects I am involved in.”

“Tim’s coaching is truly excellent, he has really helped me focus on what’s important in my business. I’d say he’s probably saved me 8 months worth of misdirected effort.”

“Working with Tim has been an amazing experience. I think it would have taken another couple of months to get to this place without Tim’s influence.  Thank you.”


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