Blown away!

Really touched today when I received this testimonial from a client. I have been working with Trisha Stewart for three months now and she kindly sent this through.

” I can’t begin to thank Tim enough for the changes I have experienced since working with him – I have had coaching before but this was different as it started with the Talent Dynamic test which I have to say I was sceptical about but having run the test and then had my debrief with Tim it completely changed the way I saw myself and I have forgiven myself for perhaps not being or doing what I thought I should be or do.  I know when I am working in or out of flow and then how to correct that by playing to my strengths and engaging others to take care of those things I either can’t do or won’t do.  I loved the Talent Dynamics so much I trained and became a Certified Talent Dynamics Partner.

However, Tim continued to coach me, even after the debrief and training, each hurdle I was facing, Tim gave me the tools to get around it.  When you think you have the answers and we probably do – they are not obvious until someone shows them to you, perhaps in a different way.  I had many ‘light bulb’ moments.

Tim helped me to open my mind, to stop overloading myself with my ‘to do’ list which led to procrastination, avoidance and distraction from the jobs that were absolutely necessary, I have become more relaxed yet still productive and have moved out of my comfort zone with what would seem little things to some but major to me. 

I seemed to think I was focussed but there was always something missing partly as I had too many things on the go so Tim helped me split my days more efficiently – he kept such a calmness about it all I felt I would not get anything done.  A big one for me was the realisation that I forgot to put me into the diary, the learning from that was I did not think I was worth it!

Tim helps you to build confidence with who you are and what you are doing, he stresses the importance of ‘you’ and gave me many tools to work with for myself and my business.

Thanks Tim 🙂 “

As you might imagine I’m blown away by this!

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